Bear’s Towers, a pop folk band, is composed of four members: Aurélien PINGET, the lead vocals who also plays the guitar, Olivier HUDRY who plays the bass guitar, Nathan KARRAOUI who plays the guitar and the harmonica and Tommy KARRAOUI who plays the drums/percussion.

They have decided to give up their own band that the two styles were opposing, punk music for the two brothers and pop rock music for Aurélien Pinget and Olivier Hudry, in order to blossom in an acoustic warm world feeling like camp fires and varnished wood.

Inspired by several artists like Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers or even Sons of The East, Bear’s Towers is trying to strike a balance between gloomy folk and bouncy pop, without forgetting a touch of rock music which remains their first musical love for each of them.

Musicians but friends before everything, the members of Bear’s Towers are eventually a gang of mates who share the same passion and want to make discover their world to others.

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