At the turn of a wandering, it sometimes happens that we meet funny mammals, bipeds on a mop can just as well, according to their desire, caress us or stun us, warm us up with their sweet melodic honey or drag us into a mad and furious pace. Bear’s Towers likes nothing more than to alternate softness and power, bringing a pop-folk tinged with rock, their first love, sprinkled with skilfully dosed electronic orchestrations. Bears Towers was born in September 2015 from the complicity of its founding musicians, friends of the first hour. A few months later, Singlebel will produce NEVER ALONE recorded in summer 2016 and then KYMA in 2018.  2 albums for 22 songs from pop folk to folk rock..

Worn by Château Rouge (Annemasse), Brise Glace (Annecy) and Ninkasi (Lyon), Bear’s Towers collects a number of festivals and concert halls throughout France and abroad. The four teammates are on their way and are preparing to tour their next EP this fall, which will take them to the five corners of the hexagon and to England. Then go up on his towers, rise up, and feel the hand of the bear who grabs yours.It is on the rhythmic rhythms, like a beating heart, that the Bear’s Towers will make you travel.


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